First entry

Hi all,

this is the first entry on this Blog/Website.

In the LazyClicker menu I will post what changes with every update you receive.


Be aware the documentation pages are not entirely completeed yet but will be completed soon. #


Here is an quick overview:

Here is the most recent version of the LazyClicker .

This version is a web app and will update automatically (Prompts when opening if update available) .

You will receive a warning :warning:️ from windows that it might be something dangerous – it isn’t.

It throws this warning because I don’t want to spend hundreds of euros for an official certificate. .



1. Download & Install the LazyClicker from the website.

2. Open the LazyClicker

3. Go to the license tab

4. Send me the request key what appears at the top by PM or in the email given.

5. I will return you a valid license key

6. Enter the license key in the License field and hit activate

7. You’re good to go for usage.


Additional useful information:

– the question marks behind each field have a short explanation what they do

– In the “Settings” tab are the general settings which apply for all applications

– Each application has its own tab for the specific settings

– To run it you can use either the “Start” button or you can use the Hotkey defined in “Settings” to “Start/Stop” the bot. .

What can it do?

– Auto-Clicker with auto-stamina break, auto-drop items, auto-mount, auto-slotcap recognition, writing local chat,…

– Anti-AFK with auto-inventory access, auto-chat, auto-stand up from chair move 6 foundations backwards & sit down again & of course mouse movement

– Auto StayPut, basically what some of you have already, pressing “U” for Stay put during mating

– All functions with auto-consume food in an interval & have Hotkey support.

– Auto-Joiner: automatically join a server without doing the clicking anymore! Start it and take a break, go shopping or open a beer.

– Auto-AnyKey: simulate a press with a delay for a specified duration.

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