Update 11/11/2018

Current version:

Hello everyone,

in today’s update you will find following changes:

  • Tiny bug fixes
  • New licensing which works online

For those who have bought it via paypal, please enter you’re PayPal E-Mail in Field “Purchasing E-Mail” and hit “Activate”!


For those who bought it through other channels: 

Please contact me directly in my discord https://discord.gg/fzZQ54Y or via DM: Hax#6643

and we will sort it out! (Count’s also for those who bought the license for someone else)


With new new licensing model you are able to retrive the license online. The key is bound to your hardware and e-mail adress once generated.

Also the new licensing makes “Auto-Gatherer” and upcoming modules as features which need to be purchased as well.


Also all purchases will go now via my website and offers soon also more methods of payment.


Thanks for your support! Now there is time to continue working on turret settings!