HaxBot major update 01/21

Hello everyone,

today I’d like to introduce to you to the latest changes of HaxBot:

SteamId Dashboard

SteamID Dashboard

The Dashboard has been improved to display the data as accurately as possible! – No longer will you see lists containing hundreds of ID’s!

I’ve implemented a new feature that allows you to report SteamID’s that show up incorrectly the dashboard.

!report wrongid -num 10 -steamId -comment

For example:

!report wrongid -num 11 -comment This ID is not correct because ….
!report wrongid -num 12 -steamid 78798298716211
!report wrongid -num 15

Please report incorrect ID’s as your reports will be stored for analysis then used to improve the accuracy of the bot.

The layout has also been updated; the Dashboard now shows the Top 1 Server (by logins, see below)

Server History changes

the server history on every single steam Id has been changed / expanded to also track the logins.
What does login mean in steam terms?
Once a steamId shows up as new, it will count as 1. When the steamId won’t show on the server anymore and logs in again, it will count as a +1.

The previous method only tracked who was on the server and always when the Id was found, it added a +1 to a server, means the old method was more about duration. The “old” way will be kept as well.

You can query both values in order to give you the best experience as follows:
!steamid 787982974234 (always orders by logins)
!steamid 787982974234 -order duration

by default the order is always by logins, if you want to see them by duration you need to specify this in your !steamid query.

This change will take a few days until data is collected.

Improved scan speed

I’ve changed the infrastructure of scanning which allows me to extend scanning easily and split it across multiple instances.

This has a direct effect on the scanning speed, means you will get faster alert of people joining and also a better refresh rate of the dashboard.
Also this will automatically cover outages, means if one client goes offline, the other covers for it.

Alerts from Bots

Known Ids from other Bots will not show as alert anymore.
Additionally you can also report a ID as a Bot to improve this list further.
Use this command for reporting a SteamId as a bot:

!report bot -steamid 781231313


The Liststeamid has now also the additional “Dashboard” -like display as addition to the Ids showing up.

ListsteamId is planned in future to be its own scanning host, means you will receive the results immediately.


All changes in total have been quite significant, If you see any errors / bugs, please let me know.

Feedback, positive/negative is always welcome and can be also directly send via DM to me.