This application can be used for any repeating action you like to do.

e.g. forcefeeding dinos can be really awful, or forcefeed Phiomias to get poop, or also if you are breeding only one single dino, to transfer meat/berries.

The difference between Auto-Stay Put and this feature is that in this feature you can set a duration and it stops after that time automatically.

Since the update in you are also able to choose between a Key to press or a mouse button.

Also this feature is using the “Auto Eat & Drink” function.



The mode defines what action you want to perform.

If you select “Key” you will be able to set a key in the “Key to press” field.

if you select one of the mouse button you can select additional the delay.


The timeunit defines in what unit you specify the time values in the settings below.  e.g. if you set it to seconds and as above the duration is 45, then it will be 45 seconds. If you change to Miliseconds it will be 45 Miliseconds…

Key to press:

What key you want to press / simulate to press?

Deleay between press and release

This parameter can be only set for any of the mouse buttons. The delay defines how long you want to hold the mouse button until it will be released. e.g. you want to hold left mouse click for 30 seconds. then you will put 30 in there.

If the value is 0, it will make a basic mouse click without any delay with press and release.

Delay between key is pressed: 

This is the delay in milliseconds between the above specified key press, means from a process perspective:

  • Press “Key”
  • Wait X millisecons
  • Press “Key”
  • Wait X milliseconds
  • ….

Duration of repeating: 

This determines the time in seconds how long the application should run until it ends automatically.

0 = infinite, means you have to stop it by yourself 🙂

Addtional settings outside the “Auto-AnyKey” Tab

Addtional settings are applied from the “Settings” tab which are:

  • Auto Eat&Drink  (Consumes food automatically after interval is reached)
    • Food hotkey
    • Drink hotkey
    • Drink & food interval
  • Starup time

How to use

  1. Select in “Run” tab the application “Auto-AnyKey”
  2. Change settings in “Auto-AnyKey” – tab if required
  3. Run the application with “Start” or with the hotkey specified in “Settings”
  4. Stop’s automaticall after the duration time is exceeded or stop with the hotkey or the “Stop” button

Here you’ll find how to use it with Snow Owl: