Auto-Gatherer is a tool what allows you to loot automatically something like snails, crops, sap, etc. without having to type all the time and click the buttons yourself.


How it works is that you run Auto-Gatherer in the background. Then you just open the inventory of e.g. snails, and it will collect the items you specified in the list, or everything if you haven’t specified anything at all.


How to setup? 

In order to have it working, make sure that the folder view in your own inventory is activated!
This is used as indicator if inventory is open or not.

  1. Items: specify the items you want to transfer, e.g. “paste” – this will be entered in the filter field like you would do it manually, just a lot quicker 😉 if you have multiple items you want to transfer, separate the with comma. e.g. “paste, poly”
    If you want to transfer all item (when you loot for example sap) you don’t need to specify anything in the item list , just leave it blank.
  2. Speed: The speed I built in cause some servers are very laggy or also some computers don’t process ARK as quick as others and Auto-Gatherer is build to transfer very quick.
    But if your PC / Server can’t respond same quick, it might end with unwanted behavior. If you think its doing it too fast, lower the speed to e.g. 80%, if its too slow, you can also increase the speed to e.g. 120%
    If you don’t know what is best, leave it with 100%.
  3. Last step is as usual, go to “Run” Tab, select Auto-Gatherer and hit “Start” or the Hotkey.


Here’s an example for the setting: