The application “Auto-Joiner” helps you to join a slotcapped server without beeing in front of the PC. it does all the work for you.

Additionally you can be notified once you joined the server.


Basic setup:

First of all before you can use the Auto-Joiner you need to have a valid license.

How to get a license you will find –>here <–.


Next you need is to specify / check the steam path in the settings tab. Please make sure you enter here your ARK main directory.

The default ARK directory is: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\”

If you have installed ARK just once this field should be populated already with the correct path. If not you can find the correct path in your steam libary when clicking on ARK properties.


Changing ingame settings

The Auto-Joiner works with screenshots and OCR. To be able to have the same result on each individual PC you need to make sure that your ingame ARK settings are:

  • Language set to English
  • UI General scale set to maximum


Setup the Auto-Joiner (Classic mode) 

As a first recommendation before you start the Joiner at all, make sure the server you want to join is in your favorites and also your server list is set to favorites.

  1. Go the the “Auto-Joiner” tab
  2. Enter the server name (it doesen’t need to be exact but always the first server is selected)
    1. Example 1: “EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland123” OR “d123”  works both
    2. Example 2: “EU-PVP-Offical-Ragnarok123” OR “k123” works both
  3. Setting delay: The bot scans the center screen for error message permanetly. Between those scans is a delay and this is what you can set here.
    As recommendation I would have here set to 500 ms
  4. Restart ARK after x attemps: Here you can tell after how many attemps joining (error message received) you want to restart ARK. If you don’t want to restart ARK at all, set it to 0
  5. Go as a last step to the “Run” Tab, select “Auto-Joiner” and run it either with start or the hotkey defined in the “Settigs” tab.

Here an example for the classic mode settings

Setup the Auto-Joiner (+connect mode)

This join mode uses the +connect feature what you can also add in your steam parameters. For this you also need to get the IP and port oft the server you want to join, but we will get to this further down.

First of all, whats the IP and whats the port?

In the case we have a string like this:

The IP would go from start until the double point, means “”. The port is what’s left after the double point, in this case “27017” The double point is just a separation between IP and Port and must not be entered in the fields.

This join mode will make one join attempt, then restart the game and so on.

  1. Go to the “Auto-Joiner” tab
  2. Select “+connect Steam parameters” as join mode.
  3. Now we get to the part of how you get the IP address and port of the server, and there are a few ways to get to that, but my recommendations are:
    a.) use Battlemetrics:
    1.) Open Battlemetrics and search for your server and go into its details
    2.) Right click on the “Connect” button and go hit copy link

    3.) Paste the link anywhere with text and it should come up with something like steam://connect/
    4.) And there you have your IP and port
    b.) Use my bot in discord (Invite:
    1.) go to “The-haxbot-channel”
    2.) query your server with !server <number>
    3.) there you’ll get a response with IP & Port.
  4. Paste the IP & Port in the respective fields into LazyClicker and check with the button “Test IP” if you get a successful response
  5. Steam-Account: The steam account is only used to keep the startup setting what you have set earlier on your ARK steam properties (like: -lowmemory -nomansky,…)
    If you want to keep those setting during joinsim with +connect, select the steam account what fits to the settings.
    Each time you select a steam account the settings what are set for the account are displayed in the field “Start parameters”
    If you don’t have any start parameters set in steam, you can also leave the field blank.
    For some the Steam-Account causes confusion, therefore I will add the name in a later release to it. but the numbers displayed are not the Steam-ID, the Steam account is the account number.
    You can use the page: for double checking. when entering your steam ID, the account number is the SteamID:3
  6. Check server is ghosting:  This is mainly used when a server is being ddosed. Before it starts the game again it will query the server if the server is available or not. If the tick box is set and the server isn’t available, the joiner will wait until the server is available before the next attempt.
  7. Finally all set, you can go to the “Run” tab and select “Auto-joiner”. Hit “Start” or the hotkey to start the joiner.

Here’s an example for the +connect settings:


Setup IFTTT (If this then that) integration


IFTTT is a tool what can trigger multiple things based on an action. e.g. I have my living room hue lights blink as soon as I joined the server (pretty cool isn’t it?)

I will show you quick how you can setup with this tool a simple notification on your phone.


  1. Register on or download the App on your phone
  2. After registering we need to make a new recipe/applet. Go to “My Applets” –> “New Applet”
  3. A new screen appears, click on the big fat “+this” to add an action
  4. Select “Webhook” as service:
  5. Select “Receive a web request”
  6. Enter an “Event name” (Remember this one, we need to enter it at a later stage into the clicker)
  7. Confirm and click on “Create Trigger”
  8. Now we created the Trigger for it, we need to continue what we need to do when IT PULLS THE TRIGGER.
    Click on the big fat “+that”
  9. You can basically now select here anything what you want to execute as soon as you joined. I will demonstrate the notification on the phone.
    Search for “Notification” in the services
  10. As an action choose: “Send notification from the IFTTT app” (App installed required obviously)
  11. Enter whatever message you want to receive
  12. Click on “Create Action”
  13. Confirm with “Finish”
  14. Now we still need to activate it in the clicker.
    Activate the Tickbox “Use IFTTT”
  15. Enter the “Event name” into “Event” you chose earlier
  16. To get the “Webhook key” go to: and click on “Documentation” on the top right corner:
  17. You should have a new page open showing a key. Enter this key into the Auto-Joiner “Webhook key” field:
  18. Addiotnal you can Test the trigger.
  19. Field: Trigger after X min This defines after how many minutes there was no error message received you want to receive a trigger (e.g. 1 Mintute without join error / Snapshot,… –> Send trigger)

All set