This feature is mainly made for mating dinos.

Using this feature allows you to send the key for “Stay – put” permanently without restrictions of setting the Dinos to enable wandering.



Stay-Put Key:

This is the key you are using ingame for the command “Stay-Put”. By default this key is set to the letter “U” also known as Unwhistle


Press key dealy: 

This is the delay in milliseconds between the “U” key is pressed, means in particular

  • Press “U”
  • Wait 200 ms
  • Press “U”
  • Wait 200 ms
  • ….


Addtional settings outside the Auto-StayPut Tab

  • Startuptime in “Settings” – Tab


How to use: 

  1. Select the “Auto-StayPut” in the “Run” Tab
  2. Change the settings if desired
  3. Start the clicker with the “Start” button or the Hotkey
  4. Stop the clicker with the “Stop” button or the Hotkey