Getting started


In this post I will explain how you setup LazyClicker

  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. Get a License
  4. Basic setup
  5. Run an application
  1. Download 

    1. You can download LazyClicker under the following page: Downloads
    2. Wait until the file is downloaded (.msi) and double click to execute it.
    3. Download of file “setup.exe” starts
  2. Install

    1. Execute the previously downloaded “msi” setup file.
    2. Follow the Wizard and agree to the EULA.
    3. Once all has finished, you’re good to start LazyClicker
    4. The standard file location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\LazyCLicker\LazyClicker
  3. Get a license

    1. Before you can test / use the LazyClicker you need to aquire a license or use a 30 day trial.
      To purchase a license go to:
    2. Trial
      1. Go to the “License”  tab and press the button “Get Trial”

      2. You will receive a key via Web and LazyClicker will be good to go!
    3. Full License
      1. Go to the License tab and enter your E-Mail in “Purchasing E-Mail” . This is the email you used during checkout and is usually the PayPal E-Mail:
      2. Press “Activate”
      3. The License should be retrived and you’re good to go
  4. Basic Setup

    First of all the LazyClicker is build up with multiple tabs and applications.
    Each application has its own application specific setting which sit in the respective applications tab and some overall settings in the “Settings” Tab.

    It is not possible to run multiple applications at once, therefore we got the “Run” Tab!
    The “Run” tab will give you drop down of all Applications available. Select the one you want to run and hit “Start” or press the hotkey specified in “Settings”.
    In “Quick info” you will find a short overview of what settings have been done in the respective applications settings tab.

    The “Log” will give you any error message received by the LazyClicker. Use this to send to me if you have issues.

    For the basic setup, please do as follows:

    1. Please go to “Settings” tab as a start
    2. Check “ARK steam path” if the path is correct.
      If you dont know where your steam path is, you can go to your Steam libary –> Right click –> Properties –> Local files
      The folder whats showing up the is the folder you need to enter in this field.
    3. If you want to change the Activation Hot-Key, do it here.
    4. Also what you find in this tab is basic setup which counts accross multiple “Applications”
  5. Run an application

    This will give you a Quickstart how you run an application

    1. Go to the “Run” Tab and select an Application
    2. Modify the settings in the respective application tab (e.g. Anti-AFK –> Tab: Anti-AFK,…)
    3. Open ARK
    4. Start the clicker by using the Hotkey defined in the “Settings” or press the “Start” button at the bottom.
    5. For the First start i would recommend to check the log afterwards if any error message pops up.