Update 04/08/2019

Long time has passed since the last update. Today I’d like to annouce the extension of Auto AnyKey which will make you able to use Snow Owl healing (small tutorial showing) In addition I added updated libaries and a few small bugs fixes with text entering of Auto Gatherer. Enjoy

Update 15/12/2018 – Turret-Setter

Hello everyone,   with this update I will release the feature “Turret-Setter” Please update your client via the update prompt.   After this you need to obtain a trial for the additional module – Therefore go to “License tab” and hit once more “Activate” or “Get Trial”. You’re good to go.   Additional changes: Small … Continue Reading

Update 11/11/2018

Current version: Hello everyone, in today’s update you will find following changes: Tiny bug fixes New licensing which works online For those who have bought it via paypal, please enter you’re PayPal E-Mail in Field “Purchasing E-Mail” and hit “Activate”!   For those who bought it through other channels:  Please contact me directly in … Continue Reading

Update 16/07/2018

Current Version: Many people waited on this feature! It’s the +Connect for Auto-Joiner!   Changes: Added +connect join mode for Auto-Joiner! Restarts ARK with +connect Keeps current steam settings! How-to: Enter IP and Port –> Test IP –> Select Steam account –> Run and enjoy! Various Bugfixes

Update 22/06/18

Current Release Changes; Auto-Gatherer 16:10 Support Auto-Gatherer bug fixes where it wouldnt open for some ppl. Performance improvements for Auto-Joiner

Update 30/05/2018

Current version: Changes: Added new feature Auto-Gatherer Corresponding settings in Auto-Gatherer tab Set what you want to transfer, if more than one item comma seperated! Run LazyClicker and open ingame just the inventory, LazyClicker will recognize when your inventory is open and transfers the items This feature may get charged in future.   Added … Continue Reading

Update 05/04/2018

In this update was added: Rollrat also available in dropdown for LazyClicker Auto-Fisher, never snap a fish anymore! No settings required, sit on a chair and enjoy

Update 25/03/2018

Hi all,   on this short notice update I added: – Support for a weird resolution – Changed Logic how to quit ark. It will be killed now instead of properly closed, this will save time during joining.   Enjoy!

Version update 24/03/2018

Follwing changed with the most recent update: Added support for widescreen (2560×1080 resulution) Added deployment version displays Added beta feature Auto-Fisher Small Bugfixes regards recognizing error message in module Auto-Joiner