HaxBot – ASA Discord setup

Basic Setup & Licensing

It’s very easy to do the inital setup on your discord server.

First of all make sure you have HaxBot invited to your discord:

after you have invited the bot, you need to get some credits in order to setup a tribelog configuration.
Alternatively join my discord https://discord.gg/fzZQ54Y and ping me for a trial!

credits can be bought here: https://www.haxbot.de/get

Tribelog setup

For each server / tribe combination there needs to be configuration created.
The configuration is the basis of all the tribelog setup.

To create a configuration use the command:

/tribelog config add


this is a free text field where you can enter whatever name you want


this is the actual ARK Servername you want to monitor on. It’s important to set the correct ark server. You can also just add some parts of the Servername, it will ask you to select the right one.

Enter the parameters and continue follow the setup. Each created configuration will be deducting 1152 credits and is valid for 30 days.

In the channel where you enter the command, it will post the tribelog you will be streaming from your client. The channel can be changed with command /tribelog config overview -> Change channel.

After the setup is done you will get the „tribelog client configuration“ which you need to paste into the tribelog client. You can get and see all the configurations you added with command

/tribelog config overview

in this overview you will see all essential configuration and can do the following changes:

  • Get tribelog configuration for the tribelog client
  • Re-generate the configuration, this would be used if someone of your tribe leaves who had the initial configuration and you want to make sure he/she has no access to stream anymore
  • delete configuration
  • Change the configuration name
  • Change the channel
  • Change the ark server – your config needs to have the correct ARK server assigned otherwise it might send weird tribelogs.
  • automatic setup: This will automatically create a category and sub channels for the selected tribelog configuration. Best way to get started
  • Enable / Disable full tribelog posting: You can disable the tribelog posting with this setting if you just want alerts to be posted in discord.
  • Delete alert to delete alerts you don’t need anymore
  • Extend the configuration time: extends the config and deducts the credits displayed. You will be prompted to confirm with yes / no before it deducts it
  • Reset Day/Time: rarely there are issues with the day / time displayed in the overview. If it happens you can set the day/time to 0 of the selected config.