HaxBot – ASA Discord setup

Basic information

My discord: https://discord.gg/fzZQ54Y

credits can be bought here: https://www.haxbot.de/get

Quick start guide

  1. Invite the bot from here: https://www.haxbot.de/invite
  2. Enter the command /tribelog config add in your discord

As “configname” you can choose whatever name you like. e.g. your tribename
As “servername” enter the short known name of your ark server, e.g. “EU-PVP-TheIsland2353” you can enter “d2353”, the entire servername works as well.

Follow the commands and prompts as follows:

You will be asked if you want to use 1152 credits, click “Yes”

If you dont have enough credits or want to have a trial, you will get the following dialog, confirm with “Yes” to start a trial.

At this stage the config is created and you will be asked if the bot should do the automatic channel setup which you can confirm with “Yes”:
Note: Best results you get if the bot has temporary serveradmin to perform this task.

After this, the bot creates a set of channels and gives itself the appropriate permissons:

You can now continue with the client setup here: HaxBot – ASA – Tribelog client setup

Tribelog settings & setup

An easy way to start is following the “Quick start” on the top of the page.
Once you have the first configuration the command “/tribelog config overview” is your central place to manage the tribelog bot.


For each server / tribe combination there needs to be configuration created.
The configuration is the basis of all the tribelog setup.

  1. Tribelog Configuration:
    • The user obtains a configuration string from their Discord server.
    • This configuration contains settings or preferences that the client application needs to send the data to the server.
  2. Client Takes Screenshots and Sends to Servers:
    • When the user runs the client application, it captures screenshots of specific areas on their screen (such as Tribelog, tribemembers, or upload timers).
    • These screenshots are sent to my servers for further processing.
  3. OCR Processing on Servers:
    • The servers receive the screenshots and perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on them.
    • OCR converts the text within the screenshots into machine-readable data.
  4. Sending OCR Results Back to Discord Bot:
    • The processed OCR results are sent back to the Discord bot.
    • The bot processes this data based on your discord configuration, e.g. alerts, tribelog channel etc.
  5. Discord Bot Posts Messages:
    • Using the configuration, the Discord bot posts relevant messages in the user’s Discord server.
    • These messages could be alerts, notifications, or other relevant information.

In summary, the client application communicates with servers for OCR processing, and the Discord bot acts on the processed data to provide customized messages in the user’s Discord server.

Configuration & changes

Your central place to manage your tribelog configuration is by using command /tribelog config overview

Theres a bunch of buttons coming up which I explain as follows:

Get client configuration

With this button you are able to get the configuration for your client you run on your windows PC, once clicked it will ask you for the configuration name and gives you the string you need to paste into the client:

The text highlighted in green needs to be pasted into the client, see also HaxBot – ASA – Tribelog client setup

If you get on the client continuosly “Authentication failed”, use this command and paste the config in the client again.

Regenerate configuration

Regenerate configuration is used to lock out users from still sending data to your discord. This would be the case if you kicked the member who used to stream the tribelog to your discord.
If you don’t want the user to send any data anymore, you press this button.

This also means you need to send the new configurations string to all users who still stream it.

Delete configuration

This simply deletes a configuration from your discord server, once deleted its gone, no credits are added back. Before deleting, consider renaming and setting a different ark server if you want to switch servers.

Change configname

This is more a cosmetic thing to change your configuration name to the way you want it, e.g. into your tribename where you made a mistake on the inital setup.

Change channel

With this command you can change the channel where the main tribelog will be posted. This is useful in case you deleted the channel previously. No need to delete the configuration, use this command and select a new channel

Set ARK server

In case you got wiped and start over on a new server, use this command to set the right ark server to your configuration!

It’s important you set the right ARK server otherwise the tribelog posting might not work at all.

Auto setup

This will automatically setup channels & a first initial setup for your tribelog configuration. Make sure the bot has temporary admin that this command works smoothly.

As a result you will receive a new category with all the channels setup.

Enable / Disable full tribelog posting

In case you don’t really want the full tribelog to be posted and you want only that the bot posts messages whenever a alert is triggered you can turn OFF or ON full tribelog posting into the main channel.

Delete alert

Deletes an alert of your choice

Extend 30 days

Extends the runtime of your configuration for 30 days, this action will deduct 1152 credits. You will be asked to confirm the action for this. Check the amount of credits with /status command

If you have “Auto renew” turned on and you have enough credits on the server you dont need to worry about this command.

Auto renew on/off

Wheter to automatically renew the configuration. Once the “Active until” hits the end, the auto renew tries to extend the configuration for 30 days automatically. This only works when there are enough credits on your discord. Check the amount of credits with /status command

Reset day/time

This will set the Day/time of your configuration to 0, this can be asked by myself to do on your discord if you encounter any issues.

Download client

Gives a link to the download and a link to the documention / setup of the client – HaxBot – ASA – Tribelog client setup

Permissons & Restrict users

If you want only people to use certain commands or buttons, e.g. changing filters, mute etc. you can setup a role which is allowed to make changes to HaxBot.

To setup the role, simply enter the command /status

Click on “Managing role” and select the role which is the only able to manage HaxBot.

What does this mean?
Anyone NOT in this rol (except server admins) cannot do any changes to the bot.


Alert types

Tribelog alerts

These alerts react on the standard tribelog text which you can see by pressing the “L” key ingame.

To add a tribelog alerts, simply use the command /tribelog alert add

These are the trigger words which are used to determine “WHEN” the alert will be posted, in this case it will trigger or post a message with “@here” when the tribelog contains “Was killed”, for advanced filter rules check the lower section “Alert filtering”

The people who should be tagged, e.g. @here, @everyone

conditional ping:
Refer to “Conditonal pings” in the lower section

When you create the alert, check also the “+2” to get all the options

You can setup as many alerts as you want for your needs and as flexible as you want.

Parasaur alerts

Parasaur alerts are triggered and sent to the bot when the parasaur message appears on the top of your screen. You can setup a single parasaur alerts or you can also setup multiple alerts with additional filtering.

To add a parasaur alert, use the command /tribelog alert addParasaur:

All of the parameters are optional, but if you want you can select all of them as of your needs.

Filters the alert you create to only trigger with certain words / keywords, for advanced filter rules check the lower section “Alert filtering”

The people who should be tagged, e.g. @here, @everyone

conditional ping:
Refer to “Conditonal pings” in the lower section

Player alerts

Player alerts are posted when the player message appears on the top of the screen joining or leaving. Leaves will be only displayed for tribemembers by default. For unknown players it will only show joins.

To add an alert for players use the command /tribelog alert addPlayer

Filters the alert e.g. for a single player with the name “123”, or excludes certain words for triggering. For advanced filter rules check the lower section “Alert filtering”

The people who should be tagged, e.g. @here, @everyone

conditional ping:
Refer to “Conditonal pings” in the lower section

Alert filtering

When setting up an alert for tribelogs you can define a “trigger” or a “filter”.

You can apply the filter more advanced than simple words:

Imagine a Shopping List:
You know how when you make a shopping list, you write down the things you need to buy? Well, that’s like our “tribelog text.” Our text is just a bunch of words put together, like a sentence or a paragraph.

The Word Filter:
Now, imagine you have a special list of words you care about. These are your “filter words.” or “trigger words”
Some words are important, so you want to check if they’re in your text. But there’s a twist: If you put a “!” in front of a word, it means you don’t want that word in your text.

Let’s say your text is: “Wood foundation was destroyed.” Your filter/trigger is: “destroyed,!wood”

What happens?
The filter checks for the word “destroyed” (it’s there, so that’s good). It also checks for the word “wood” (but you said “no wood,” so it’s excluded). Since both conditions are met, the overall result would not post an alert / message (like saying “nope, this doesn’t match”).

In Simple Terms:
Imagine you’re playing a game of hide-and-seek with words. You say, “I want to find these words, but not those words!” If all the words you want are found and the ones you don’t want are avoided, you win!

You can add the words as comma seperation where all words needs to match
Another example: destroyed, !wood, !auto-decay If you enter this on your trigger only tribelogs where it contains “destroyed” but NOT “wood” and NOT “auto-decay”

Alert filerts can be anytime modified when the alert has been triggered via the discord UI:

Mute alerts

As user with the right privileges you are able to mute an alert, this basically means the alert will still post as usual, but it wont ping anymore!

To mute an alert simply click on the “Mute” button and select the timeframe for how long you want to mute it:

Add mentions / remove mentions to alerts

Each time an alert posts, you can remove or add mentions simply by clicking the “Alert role” with the talking head or the “Alert role” with the cross:

Conditional pings

Use case:
Normally, when an event happens, the system sends a notification (like an “@mention”) to your discord.
But what if you only care about an event if it happens repeatedly, not just once? That’s where conditional pinging comes in.

Conditional Pinging Explained:
With conditional pinging, the system still posts alerts as usual.
However, it will only ping you (or others) if a certain condition is met.

For example:
You set a condition: “If an event happens 5 times within 5 minutes, then @mention.”
Let’s say the alert trigger is “Was killed.”
If someone gets killed (the event) once, no ping.
If it happens again (twice), still no ping.
But if it happens a total of 5 times within 5 minutes, then it starts pinging people!
So, conditional pinging helps you focus on events that repeat often, rather than just the one-off occurrences.

Conditional ping can be set anytime an alert was posted to the channel:

Common erros and solutions

Tribelog won’t post

This can have multiple reasons

  • Your tribelog posting is turned off, check with /tribelog config overview command if “Post full log” column is set to “Yes”, if not then Enable it with the button “Enable/Disable full tribelog posting”
  • Your tribelog order is set wrong ingame, make sure the newest entries are on TOP