HaxBot – ASA – Tribelog client setup

Client UI

General overview

The client for the discord bot has the purpose of feeding the data of your local ASA game to the server. The client needs to run in order for the tribelog to work.


The client will take screenshots of certain areas of your running game. (Tribelog, Tribemembers, Tribemembercount, player joins, upload timer, parasaur detection)

The screenshots are sent to my server for OCR (Optical character recognition / Picture to text) processing and will then be sent to your discord server.

The identification to which discord server to send it, is done by the configuration you enter.


The client is mostly pre-configured already, the detailed explanation you will find below.
Basically the client will open automatically the tribelog, takes a screenshot of the areas and closes it again.

These actions are happening based on the “Scan interval (2)” which is default set to 15 seconds. Means every 15 seconds the tribelog will be opened.

The Para / Player join will run constantly in the background.

Quick start

For a really quick start do the following

  • Get the client configuration form your discord with /tribelog config overview, then press the button “Get configuration”
  • Paste the string in the box into the field (1) Configuration from discord
  • Check if the key bindings are correct, e.g. Console open key
  • Press start


Before you can start, you need to get a configuration from your discord server where you should have done the setup already.
In discord use the command /tribelog config overview

Then click on “Get configuration”

Then copy the content of the box and paste it into (1) Configuration from discord.

It should display values now

Scan interval (2)

The scan interval defines in what interval the tribelog opens. The default is set to 15 seconds, means after you start the client, it will open the tribelog, closes the tribelog, waiting 15 seconds and repeat.

Key bindings (3)

Key bindings are important to check and if they are matching, usually this is a one time setup.

Food key / drink key:
If “Enable eat / drink” is enabled, it will press these keys in the interval set, e.g. every 10 minutes it will press 1 / 2 ingame. 1/2 would need to then have the food in the quick access bar.

The interval / wait time until next time the food / drink will be consumed based on the Food key / drink key. Only works if “Enable eat,drink” is enabled.

Tribelog key:
The key binding of ASA of your tribelog key to open the tribelog, default is “L”

Console key:
Key binding ingame for “Open console”. This is used to automatically set the “Gamma” to 2 to get the best results for scanning.

You can find the key ingame here and it HAS to match:

Function key:
Key binding ingame to e.g. do fast-travel from bed to bed, default is “E”. This is used for the Auto Bed travel / TP jump.

Autoreconnect settings (4)

Autoreconnect enabled you to automatically rejoin the session if you got kicked or the server crashed / updated.
This enables you to constantly stream your tribelog into discord without actively supervising it.

The ARK servername, it can also be a partial text, like 2353, its just important that whatever you enter, will be entered as filter in the serverlist and the first server will be selected and joined.

Whenever you die or it crahsed and you died you want to be able to join on a bed. you can specificy a bed name which then will be joined. If you dont specify a bed, the first bed in the list will be joined.
If you are using the “Jump between beds/tp”, it will try and join the next bed from there.

Auto reconnect
Wheter to use auto reconnect or not, if disabled and you loose connection to the server you wont be reconnected.

Official network
If disabled, when filtering for the servername during auto reconnect, it will switch to the tab “Unofficial”

General settings (5)

Enable drink, eat
Wheter to automatically consume food or not, this relates to the parameters in (3) Key bindings.

Enable log
This parameter will enable enhanced logging and will save every screenshot taken into the “Logs” folder. Only enable this if required or asked from my end for troubleshooting. The size of the “Logs” folder can grow very fast.

Scaling factor in %
This refers to your local scaling factor of your screen setting. The settings is automatically retrieved and should only be changed if there are any issues.

Ingame UI Scale in %
This is the ingame setting in ARK which refers to “UI Scale”, if you have changd it, it will change the layout of the menus etc. Best is to keep the ARK ingame setting to maximum.

Bed jump / TP Settings

This feature will allow you to fast travel / jump between beds or teleporters. This feature is supposed to be used to travel between parasaurs to detect potential enemies.

To enable it check the box “Jump between beds / tp”

To configure the beds it should jump between, you can simple click on the button “Bed/TP settings” below highlighted in green.

This will bring up the beds screen:

Each line represents 1 bed

Stream settings

This settings allows you to Enable / Disable what data you want to stream. e.g. if you want to stream player joins / para detection and want to still play the game, then untick all boxes except Para and Player

Stream tribelog
Enables / Disables streaming the main tribelog window

Stream membercount
Enables / Disables streaming of the tribemember online count, displayed in green showing 5/20. This data is displayed in the dashboard

Stream members online
Enables / Disables streaming of the tribemembers online, this is the first page of the tribemembers on the left next to the tribelog. The dat will be displayed in the dashboard.

Stream uploadtimer
Enables / Disables streaming of the uploadtimer. Quickly before the tribelog opens the button “H” is hold to show the HUD information in ARK. For this setting to stream you need to wear TEK gauntlets.

Stream parasaur
Enables / Disables Parasaur streaming. It wil automatically detect if the message on top is displayed! For this to work properly, make sure Toggle “H” is not enabled. Means the HUD appears only when you hold the key “H”

Stream player joining
Enables / Disables Player join / leave streaming. It wil automatically detect if the message on top is displayed! For this to work properly, make sure Toggle “H” is not enabled. Means the HUD appears only when you hold the key “H”