HaxBot Evolved / Setup and features

with the new update there is also a name change involved and many other changes for you.

What are the changes besides the name?

  • Multi language support (en, fr, de, ko, cn, ru, es)
  • Better visibility for mobile phones and desktop
  • Reaction buttons for easy and fast management
  • Faster join alerts
  • Improved “SmartAssign” feature (auto assignment of IDs)
  • Banlist for added and removed Ids of the official ARK Banlist (not VAC)
  • Individual Payment model
  • Removed unused features for better performance

Below you find all explained in more details:

Multi language support

Define now what language the bot will output the results!
Currently the following languages are available:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

You can change your language by typing !status and click on the approtiate flag!

Any languages you want to have as well? just DM me on my discord!

Better visibility

Many changes have been made for allowing a better visibility.
join notifications are now a lot shorter:

To see more details of the player you can use the reaction “Eye” to display the full details of the player!

Also the dashboard changed, you will see now immediately what relation the player has:

Red box = Enemy
Blue Box = Allied
Green = Friendly
? = Unknown
White = neutral

Reaction buttons for easy and fast management

Many reaction buttons have been implemented for a easy and fast management of

  • Servers
  • Steam-ids
  • Discord settings

For each join alerts setting up an ID is just one click away!

Red Box = Set as enemy
Blue Box = Set as allied
Green Box = Set as friendly
White box = Set as neutral
Page with Pen = Edit custom name
Peoples = Assign to a tribe
Eye = Show ID with all details

Server tribe assignment:

With the “People” icon you can also set the tribe of a server now with just one click!

Faster join alerts

The join alerts have been improved!
There are now 2 different scanning models for you:

  • Standard
  • Premium

The Standard model works as the one before,the join are delayed for 30-50 seconds and also not as accurate!

The Premium model works differently, you will have a join notification immediately after the player has loaded the game or is still in the loading screen!
Also if you decide to track a server as “Premium” you will also have a very accurate dashboard for your server!

Improved “SmartAssign” feature

SmartAssign is the new auto assignment of Ids

Assignment based on the Top1 server. As long as you have a tribe assigned to the top1 server, it will use the tribe and the tribe relation to set the players relation

This can be overwritten when you assign a ID manually, then it will stay with the relation and tribe what you have set manually

Banlist for added and removed Ids of the official ARK Banlist

a new module is implemented which is constantly checking the official ARK Banlist and matches the Ids to the data of the database.
It willl reconize and post:

  • New Bans added
  • Bans removed / lifted

Individual Payment Model

Instead of using a fixed number of servers, it’s up to you to decide how many servery you want.

You will purchhase Credits to your discord server and for how many servers you use them, is entirly up to you.

For Standard Alerts:

1 Hour running = 1 Credit deducted


1 Hour running = 2 Credits deducted

You will buy always an contigent of credits for your server, how you use them is up to you. The more servers you monitor, the faster the credits will go away.

During checkout process you willl be able to enter the discord-Id of the server you want to purchase the credits for.

The deduction of the credits is done by every minute, (means not every started hour is deducted, more like every started minute)

Buy here: https://www.hax-world.com/shop/

Videos for Setup: