HaxBot – Commandlist

Stated below you will find a list of commands you can use with HaxBot:

Retrieves playercount and info of a server

This will use the steam-API to query the server information like playercount, playernames on server.
In addition it can display additional informations if maintained, e.g. Tribes living on that server, screenshots taken, comments added.
Parameters -screens, -tribes, -comments and -all are optional.


!server  -screens -tribes -comments -all 

!server rag66
!server island12 -all

Link Members to Ingame Character


This feature allows you to link an ingame character name to your discord member by just using the members @tag.
After it’s added and you wonder who is this person ingame you can easily go back to discord and search for the ingame name and it will give you the member in discord for it.


!addmember <@DiscordMention> -name  -comment 

!addmember @Hax -name Hax,Hax2,Hax3 -comment Tribemember

Lookup Ingame characters or do a reverse search

With the command above you linked a discordmember to a ingame character. With the below command you can search for one or the other.


!member <charactername OR @Discordmention> -all (Optional) -commands (Also displays commands like delete chart/player)

!member hax
!member @Hax -all

Create a tribe

With this command you can create a tribe with it’s relation.
On a later stage you can then add this tribe to multiple servers the tribe lives on.
When doing a query with !server the tribe will be displayed


!addtribe <TribeName> -rel (Friendly,Allied,Neutral,Enemy) -comment <Optional comment>

!addtribe Hunter Tribe -rel Enemy
!addtribe TheRetards -rel Allied -comment Leader is Hax

Update a tribe

As time goes and how politics are in live, sometimes a relation or name of a tribe changes.
In order to update also the tribe added previously you can use the following command.


!updatetribe <Tribe-ID> -rel (Friendly,Allied,Neutral,Enemy) -comment <Optional comment> -name <New tribe name>

!updatetribe T0001234 -name TheHunters //Only updates the name
!updatetribe T0001234 -rel Allied //Only updates the relation

List tribes

With the command below you can list either all tribes or search for a tribe with a specific name.
In the result returned you will also find a pre-configured command you can copy / paste to either delete or update a tribe.


!showtribes    //Shows all created tribes
!showtribe <Tribename> //Shows only the tribe having the parameter in the name

!showtribe Hunter

Display servers of a specific tribe

This command will display all servers the specified tribe is added to.
It will also display the current playercount on the server if you want to go for griefing.


!showservers <Tribename>

!showservers Hunter

Enables/Disables channels for specific modules

The bot has multiple modules which can be enabled for one or many channels.
With the !modules command you can display all available modules.


!modules //shows all available modules 
!enable <module>  
!disable <module>

!enable server
//enables server queries

!enable memberlog
//will post member joining or leaving

!enable corelog
//Enabled the channel for sending error messages or logs

Server queries & commands

This section will describe all commands related to servers, this includes adding alerts, screenshots, comments and tribe relations.

Generally each server has a unique ID in HaxBot’s database starting with “S1234”.
This ID can be found when using the standard !server query described above and needs to be specified for each command.

Attachments (Screenshots, links, comments)

This command describes the usage of adding screenshots, links or comments to a specific server.
For screenshots either links or direct upload can be used. For direct upload, the command needs to be entered with the upload of the screenshot in the text field.


//Adding screenshots with direct upload
!addscreen -ID <serverId> -comment <Optional comment>
//Deletes a screenshot
!delscreen <ID>

//Adding a link, e.g. screenshot collection to the server
!addlink <URL/Link> -ID <serverId> -comment <Optional comment>
//Deletes a link
!dellink <ID>

//Adding a comment to the server
!addcomment -ID <serverId> -comment <Your comment>
//Deletes a comment
!delcomment <ID>

//Add a screenshot
!addscreen -ID S1234
!addscreen -ID S1234 -comment blue obi base

//Add link
!addlink https://www.test.de -ID S1234
!addlink https://www.test.de -ID S1234 -comment scout report

//Add comment
!addcomment-ID S1234 -comment red base wiped
!delcomment C012345

Add tribe relations

Adding tribe relations makes it easily possible when query a server to see who lives on that server.
With this command you are able to add a tribe to a server


!addrel <Tribename> -server <serverId> -comment <Optional comment>

!addrel Hunter -server S1234
!addrel The Hunter -server S1234 -comment Alpha tribe


Alerts can be used to alert you in a certain scenario. This server related alert works with player numbers. Once activated it gathers every 5 minutes the current count of players on the servers. This data will be kept for the last 7 days.
When you setup and alert, it will check the current player number and compare those with the average from the last 7 days within the same hour.

Means if you query the server at 7:10 PM, the bot checks back each day and calculates the average between 6:40PM and 7:40PM, (30 mins before and 30 mins after)
If the playercount exceeds your defined playerlimit, it will fire an alert!
Note: Multiple alerts with different player numbers for the same server can be added

If you want to setup steam alerts, please read the section of !steamlog


!alert <@Role or @Member> -server <ServerId> -players <Limit of exceeded avg. players>

//Lists all current active alerts

!delalert <Alert-ID> 
//Deletes an alert

!alert @Hax -server S1234 -players 10
//Alerts @Hax if the current playercount exceeds 10 of the average

!alert @AlertRole -server S1234 -players 15


Commands with SteamId Module enabled:

If you have a subscription using also steamid tracking you can also use the following commands:

Adding a steam ID with relations

This will add a steamId64 as a specified relation to the database of the current discord servers context. If an alert is setup it will alert as soon as the player joins the server specified in the alert.


!addsteamid <Steam ID> -rel Enemy -name <free to choose name> -tribe <Tribename> 
!addenemy <SteamID> -name <Custom name> -tribe <Tribename> 
!addfriendly <SteamID> -name <Custom name> -tribe <Tribename>
!addallied <SteamID> -name <Custom name> -tribe <Tribename> 
!addneutral <SteamID> -name <Custom name> -tribe <Tribename> 

!addsteamid 78286718723876 -rel enemy -name Hax -tribe Hunter
!addenemy 78286718723876 -name Hax -tribe Hunter
//Both have the same reult

Register a Channel for a server for logging (enter in respective channel)

This command will add an alert which will post information into the channel once someone joined the server.
Note: One alert covers ALL steamids with the specified relation in the alert.


!steamlog <@mention tag> -server <serverid> -rel <Allied, enemy, unknown, friendly> 

!steamlog @here -server island12 -rel enemy,allied,neutral
!steamlog @here -server S0123 -rel Enemy
!steamlog -server S0123 -rel Allied
!steamlog -server S0123 -rel Friendly

Add EPIC playercount alert

Epic playercount alerts only work for servers which have been added as premium servers.
The epic alert will only show player join / leave without telling the ID or any identification:

To add the alert use the following commans:


!epic @mention -server <servername> 

!epic @here -server island12

Add an alert for a specific steamid

With this command you are able to set a specific steamId for your alert. Means if you want to have a ping to a specific @Tag when this specific steamId joins you will use this command.
You can make this command specific to a server or leave the server away and it will do it for all the servers you subscribed and added an alert to.


!steamidalert @mention -steamid <SteamId> -server <Server-Id>

!steamidalert @Hax -steamid 76561198289465929 -server S0061
Will alert @Hax when the steamId joins server S0061

!steamidalert @Hax -steamid 76561198289465929
Will alert @Hax when the steamId joins any server you have an alert setup for. (!steamlog alert is meant by that)

!steamidalert -steamid 76561198289465929
Will alert nobody but will still post the message in the chanlle when the steamId joins any server you have an alert setup.

Register Channel as a dashboard for online steam ids

The Bot will create a Dashboard in the channel the command was posted, it will display current Steam-Ids seen since the last scan on the server.
If an Ids is showing wrong, please use the !report function further below.


!addsteamdashboard <serverid> 

!addsteamdashboard S0123

List one steam id and its status in the current database

Displays a specific steamId64 with its relative data retrieved from steam and additionally collected through scans.


!steamid <ID> 
!steamid <ID> -days <Number of day> (Number of days means it will show the servers the last X days he was on> 

!steamid 78172394898347
!steamid 78376832847672 -days 20
//will also show the activity on servers of the last 20 days

Search steam-Ids by name (internal name or steamname)

Sometimes you want to search a steamId by name. With those commands you can do this. It will preferable scan with the custom name which can be specified in the !addsteamid command.
As an alternative you can add the parameter -all to also search for the steam-name.


!steamname <name>
!steamname <name> -all 

!steamname Hax
!steamname 123 -all

Tracing a specific SteamID / Devs

With this command you are able to add a Dashboard which will refresh approx every 25-30 minutes.
Once refreshed it will show you the servers the player is currently possibly online.
This includes all offical PVP server as well as official PVP legacy servers.

You can add a @Mention to the alert, this will mean every time the player changes the server data you will get a @mention for it.

Similar this function will also work with Global Admins, once you add the Alert you will have a dashboard with all Devs online.

!tracesteamid @mention -steamid <SteamId64>
!devalert @mention

!tracesteamid @Hax -steamId 76561198289465929

This will add a dashboard with information where the player is, if the player changes his server or gets online you will receive a @Tag as a notification.

!devalert @hax

This will create a dashboard with the currently seen devs on any server.
For each dev you get a seperate message but only one @Tag when it changed.

Reporting Ids

Reporting Ids which are showing wrong on the dashboard. This helps to improve the data. if you place a report , the data which was active at this moment gets stored for later further analysis.
Currently there are 2 types of reports supported:
– wrong Ids on the dashboard
– ID of a bot

following commands can be used:

!report bot -steamid 123456 //reports a Id as Bot 

!report wrongId -num 1 (num of the dashboard) -steamid 12345 (Optional correct SteamId) -dashboardId D12345 (Optional if more than 1 Dashboard in channel) -comment Your personal optional comment

!report wrongid -num 10
!report wrongid -num 10 -steamId 12345678 //Includes the correct Id
!report wrongId -num 10 -comment this Id is wrong, no idea which is the correct 

The "Num" is always the "Num" referring to the dashboard!