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Update 30/05/2018

Current version: Changes: Added new feature Auto-Gatherer Corresponding settings in Auto-Gatherer tab Set what you want to transfer, if more than one item comma seperated! Run LazyClicker and open ingame just the inventory, LazyClicker will recognize when your inventory is open and transfers the items This feature may get charged in future.   Added … Continue Reading

Update 19/05/2018

Current version:   Changes: Fixed issues where it wouldn’t drop items properly in the LazyClicker Added support for right click! – You can choose now between right & left click Improved the process if how items get dropped – removed unneccesary  steps. You can set now how often the Clicker should check if the … Continue Reading

Update 05/04/2018

In this update was added: Rollrat also available in dropdown for LazyClicker Auto-Fisher, never snap a fish anymore! No settings required, sit on a chair and enjoy

Update 25/03/2018

Hi all,   on this short notice update I added: – Support for a weird resolution – Changed Logic how to quit ark. It will be killed now instead of properly closed, this will save time during joining.   Enjoy!

Version update 24/03/2018

Follwing changed with the most recent update: Added support for widescreen (2560×1080 resulution) Added deployment version displays Added beta feature Auto-Fisher Small Bugfixes regards recognizing error message in module Auto-Joiner

First entry

Hi all, this is the first entry on this Blog/Website. In the LazyClicker menu I will post what changes with every update you receive.   Be aware the documentation pages are not entirely completeed yet but will be completed soon. #   Here is an quick overview: Here is the most recent version of the … Continue Reading