LazyClicker Update

Version: This Version contains the following changes: Turret setter supporting “Copy settings” wheel and adjusting to the new sort order LazyClicker (AutoClicker) changing the drop interval to “seconds” instead of “minutes” Anti-AFK, new Module reading Tribelog and posting into discord including tagging if some keywords are hit as well. – Few assembly updates Fixes … Continue Reading

HaxBot major update 01/21

Hello everyone, today I’d like to introduce to you to the latest changes of HaxBot: SteamId Dashboard SteamID Dashboard The Dashboard has been improved to display the data as accurately as possible! – No longer will you see lists containing hundreds of ID’s! I’ve implemented a new feature that allows you to report SteamID’s that … Continue Reading

Update 21/12/2018

HI all, today I release an update for LazyClicker, in particular for the new feature “Turret-Setter” Version: These are the changes: Recongition of Turret types working quicker Recongition of Turret types are way better Random PIN code fix OCR Area shrinked Small bug fixes Enjoy and wish you all Merry Christmas!

Update 01.10.2018

Current version: Since the last update a little time has passed.   Here are the changes: – Adding steamname beside the Steam account for +connect – Adding resolution support/fix for 2560×1440 with 150% DPI scaling – Adding Additional parameter in Auto-Joiner to stop Autojoiner after X minutes automatically if no message was received. – … Continue Reading

Update 26/06/18

Current Version: Minor fix for Auto-Gatherer not working with a trial Fix where hotkey gets assigned 2 times.

Update 19/05/2018

Current version:   Changes: Fixed issues where it wouldn’t drop items properly in the LazyClicker Added support for right click! – You can choose now between right & left click Improved the process if how items get dropped – removed unneccesary  steps. You can set now how often the Clicker should check if the … Continue Reading