HaxBot – ASE


HaxBot Evolved is a bot which makes it possible to track and trace Steam-Ids of ARK Servers which are within the Steam network.

Tracking your SteamID so you will be aware who joined your server !

My Discord server: https://discord.gg/fzZQ54Y


HaxBot has multiple features, the Key ones are listed as follows:

  • Steam-Id Tracking for ARK Servers
  • Notifications of joining and leaving steam players including steam-Id
  • Steam-Id History of where the Id has been on
  • Trace of ARK-Devs joining server and showing on which server they currently are
  • Easy management for Steam-Ids (e.g. assign relation, tribe, name etc) through buttons
  • ARK Bandits updates + what servers the banned one have been
  • Rates updates
  • Flexible alert setup / server setup through credit-system
  • Multi language support (en, fr, de, ko, cn, ru, es)

For a further explanation check out this link

How to Buy?

To buy HaxBot Evolved you need to buy credits here:


During the purchase of credits you will be asked for your discord-ID
Before going on how to get your ID and before you order you need to invite the Bot to your discord through this link:


To receive your ID, enter the command !status in any channel where the bot has access to, the response should look like this:

The ID you see here you need to enter during the checkout process.


The pricing works as follows:
First you need to buy credits, after purchase it takes about 5-10 Minutes until the bot is active on your discord. You can check if the credits have been added by using the command !status

For each alert you set via !steamlog you will be asked if you want to add the alert as Premium

Explanation of the models:


The standard model will deduct for each hour an alert is setup for a server 1 credit! If you have multiple alerts for one server, it just counts per server and not per alert.

Calculation wise one server with standard model will effectively cost 7,50 € / Month.

The scanning of the server will work differently than Premium, the bot will connect every x seconds to the server, scans and leaves again and recognizes the changes on the Ids and will alert you.


The premium model will deduct for each hour an alert is setup for a server 2 credits!

Calculation wise one server with standard model will effectively cost 15 € / Month.

The scanning works different than Premium therefore also the price difference. For each server you have setup as premium, there will be a dedicated host staying connected to your server and will get updates instantly on the servers.

Benefits of Premium:

  • Instant join alerts
  • High accurate results on the dashboard
  • Dedicated host for an alert

Benefits of not a fixed amount of servers?

You only pay for what you setup, if you have a server less, just delete the alerts and it stops deducting credits.

Also if you plan to raid a server and want to monitor is temporary for a few days, just setup an alert, it will deduct credits but as soon as you delete it after the raid, it won’t deduct it anymore.

How to setup

for the initial setup, checkout this video:

The commandlist you can find here:

HaxBot – Commandlist